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What is Bankruptcy?
The official definition of bankruptcy is “a legally declared inability or impairment of ability, of an individual or organization to pay its creditors” – in other words being unable to pay your debts.

Debt Management

What is debt management?
Debt management or a debt management plan is a voluntary agreement between you and your creditors, against most unsecured debts, such as credit cards and unsecured loans.

PPI Claims

Have you ever taken out loans, credit cards, a mortgage or any other financial loans product? If the answer is YES then you could have been wrongly sold Payment Protection Insurance or PPI, without even knowing it.

PPI Claims

Mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance

Have you ever taken out loans, credit cards, a mortgage or any other financial loans product? If the answer is YES then you could have been wrongly sold Payment Protection Insurance or PPI, without even knowing it. It is important to find out, as it is highly likely that you are owed money in compensation.

Are you eligible to Claim?

There are many ways in which you may have been wrongly sold PPI. These could include –

Being pressured into it – PPI is purely optional, so if you felt pressured in any way, were told you required it due to circumstance or profession, or were told it would stand you in a better position for receiving a loan – then you are eligible to claim.

Not being fully informed – Were the costs and practicalities of PPI fully explained to you? If not, you are eligible to claim.

Added without consent PPI was automatically added to a vast amount of loans and mortgages in the UK. If it was added to yours without your consent, then you are eligible to claim.

Insufficient Cover – if your PPI policy did not cover the full amount of your loan or the full repayment period, then you are eligible to claim.

Employment status – Most PPI policies exclude people like the self-employed, students or pensioners – if this applies to you, then you are eligible to claim.

Medical Conditions Pre-existing medical conditions are not covered by payment protection insurance, so if you were not informed of this, you are eligible to claim.

Making a claim with 1Stop Money is swift and simple.

With a clear and easy application process and professional and friendly service throughout your claim that is consistent up until the day you receive your compensation, 1Stop Money are daily assisting hundreds of people successfully claim what is rightfully theirs.

1Stop Money are fully MOJ (Ministry of Justice) regulated. With our strict no win, no fee work ethic and no up front fees or hidden costs, you really do have nothing to lose in claiming. Instead we charge 25% (plus VAT) of the final settlement amount – in line with MOJ recommendations. So if you don’t receive anything, neither do we.

Our experienced and fully trained advisors will negotiate with all banks and lenders on your behalf so you don’t need to feel the pressure. We compile all paperwork on your behalf and monitor your case closely, so all you have to do is wait for your cash refund.

Remember, making a claim will in no way affect your relationship with your bank, you are within your rights to reclaim something incorrectly sold to you. If you were sold a faulty car under false pretenses you would expect a refund, just as you would expect recompense for any product unfairly sold to you. PPI is no different, so claim what you are owed. It is even possible to claim on closed accounts.

To make a claim and receive your cash refund, either fill out our PPI claim form or call us free on 0800 012 4039. We are waiting to take your call.


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